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Security experts at Crown Securities (UK) have wide experience in all types of security installations, not just for homes and businesses.
Our BSI accredited staff have experience in all manner of security systems for a wide range of customers and across a wide variety of properties.
Although the mainstay of the business is home security and protecting business premises, there are many other circumstances where intruder alarms and security systems can prove vital.
Intruder alarms may not be permanent. Empty properties may benefit from a different alarm system to that which is needed once they are occupied. Building sites, for example, can be monitored with remote alarm systems which can be removed once the building work has finished.
Sometimes the best security coverage is given by a suite of devices that provide all-around protection. That is why it often pays to have a professional look at your security risk and suggest the best security solution at the best possible price.

Protection for offices

Offices present unique challenges for burglar alarm system installers. The first step in protecting offices from intruders is to assess your security needs thoroughly. Office buildings present special problems for security alarm professionals as authorised access is often required at all times. Read more on burglar alarm systems for offices.

Home security systems

A burglar alarm system for your home is essential for those who wish to endure their families and loved ones are safe and well protected. Crime statistics show that homes without a properly installed burglar alarm are five times more likely to be targeted by burglars or other intruders. Read more on intruder alarm systems for the home.

Use security lighting

Security lighting systems can help keep property safe. External lights mounted at strategic points are an effective deterrent and can enhance a fitted burglar alarm system. Exterior security lighting is particularly beneficial in vulnerable spots around the home or business premises. Good security lights offer extra safety in many environments. Read more on security lighting for home and business.

Farm security systems

Isolated and remote farms mean that farmers must take extra care to protect their valuable livestock and equipment. In the agricultural world, valuable livestock can be monitored from field to field. Farm entrances can be checked for a legitimate activities such as the arrival of feed deliveries. As agriculture becomes ever more sophisticated, farmers can find themselves owning, leasing or storing some very expensive equipment indeed – not just valuable tractors and diggers but valuable high-tech equipment that is light, portable and very easy to steal. Read more on farm security.

Caravan security & tracking

Mobile property, such as caravans and livestock trailers many not only benefit from alarm systems being installed in storage areas but, should they be stolen, they can more easily be traced by the installation of hidden and tamper-proof tracking devices. Read more on caravan security.

Make stables secure

Horse owners and riders will know that riding equipment is not only expensive to buy and maintain but can be highly vulnerable to theft. Stables and tack rooms are not the only soft target for thieves and burglars. Horseboxes and trailers can be snatched unless they are made secure against theft. Read more on security for stables.

Keep churches safe

Church security alarm systems use a wide range of detection options to deter trespass. Modern techniques include heat and motion sensors configured to ignore the movement of birds and other small animals. Insurers report that church roof alarms effectively reduce thefts of metal and lead. Read more on intruder alarm systems for churches.

Protecting your garage

Unprotected garages are an attractive target for thieves and burglars. Domestic garages are often used to store expensive equipment such as gardening, cycles, deep freezers, and so on. Any tools or ladders kept in the garage can be used to help a burglar gain access to the house. Make sure you are up to date on all the latest developments in garage security. Read more on intruder alarm systems for garages.

Burglar proof your shed

Garden sheds are often used to store expensive power tools and gardening equipment. Power drills, saws, and hammers left in an insecure garden shed can be used to break in through a house door or window. Police often appeal to homeowners to improve shed security as most burglary reports are related to thefts from unguarded sheds. Read more on alarm systems for sheds.


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