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Farms present unique security problems, depending on the type, size and layout of buildings.

Although rural crime is much less prevalent than urban crime, farmyards, barns and sheds are much easier targets for burglars, thieves, and other intruders.

Farms buildings are also often full of valuable equipment such as tractors, trailers, farm implements and fuel.

Farms are also relatively isolated and remote so intruders are far less likely to be spotted by passers-by.

Buildings, such as sheds and barns, are often scattered over a wide area and poorly lit at night, offering thieves plenty of cover to remain undetected.

Designing a farm security system that can protect all area of a farm can be quite a challenge and it takes someone with experience to make sure that all the primary sightlines are covered and that the right sort of system is in place.

Security response systems can be employed not only to detect intruders but also for other useful farm activities such as monitoring water levels in troughs, feed levels in hoppers, the temperature in livestock sheds or to ensure that vital gates and doors are properly closed and secured at night.

Camera systems can be usefully deployed in calving sheds, sheep pens and even horse boxes while miniature GPS systems can be installed in plant and equipment to ensure you know where it is at any time, day or night.

On farms where valuable mobile equipment can be driven away, it may make better sense to install security gates or automated entry barriers.

Farm security alarm systems come in as many shapes and sizes as farms themselves. For farms that only need to monitor and protect one or two entry and exit points, a simple GSM or GPRS system may be the answer.

These standalone security systems can be placed in any location and linked to one or many mobile phones with no need for a base station or control panel.

GSM alarm systems are the choice for farmers who only need to send alerts to mobile phones and are ideal when the farmers and farm staff are close at hand to respond to messages.

On farms where there are few people about it can be a real bonus to get a text alert when a forgotten feed delivery arrives or a contractor turns up early to start work.

GPRS farm security systems are usually better for more complex sites that need to be monitored through a central receiving centre. For multiple farm sites spread over a large area, there are more sophisticated security systems that offer extra functionality and greater flexibility.

Whatever the security system installed on the farm, detectors must be sophisticated enough to avoid unnecessary activation by animals such as dog and cats and to be robust enough to withstand the daily comings and goings of farm activity.

There is now a huge and ever-growing choice of components and integrated systems for farmers wishing to make their premises more secure so it is vital that you get some expert advice before opting for any particular system.

The rapid development of reliable wireless technology has brought down the cost of security installations while improved batteries and solar power gives added versatility to the design of flexible and robust systems for the agricultural industry.

At Crown Securities (UK) Ltd, we have plenty of expertise in the design and installation of farm security systems across Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Wales and the North West and a sound knowledge of the agricultural industry and the needs of farmers and smallholders. Call 0800 019 1131 for a free consultation.

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