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Intruder alarm systems for stables

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Crown Securities UK installs the very latest security systems with smartphone technology. We also provide CCTV, access control and more. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience.

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Horse owners and riders will know that riding equipment is not only expensive to buy and maintain but can be highly vulnerable to theft.
Stables and tack rooms as well are not the only soft target for thieves and burglars. Horseboxes and trailers can be snatched unless they are made secure against theft.
All too often, valuable equipment is stored in sheds or barns with inadequate security and burglars are well aware of how easy it can be to help themselves to riding gear and make a quick getaway.
Crown Securities (UK) can offer a range of products to protect your stables, riding tackle, horse trailers, and paddocks.
Our security experts can help to secure tack rooms, riding equipment and paddocks to help ensure that you do not become another burglary statistic and face not only replacing stolen stock but making good any repairs and be confronted with a sharp rise in insurance premiums.

Secure field gates and paddocks

Securing field gates and paddocks with high-security locks and chains can often be the first line of defence against intruders. Thieves will often be deterred by properly secured gates as they signal that even more security hurdles will probably need to be overcome even if they do get inside. Driveways and yard gateways can also be fitted with alarms to detect any unwanted activity as well as legitimate callers. Owners can be alerted to gates opening with mobile text messages while those with more serious security issues can have gates monitored more proactively.

Make horseboxes safe

Horseboxes and trailers can be firmly secured with wheel clamps or chained to strong security posts while security marking and electronic tagging can help recover stolen trailers quickly before they are lost or damaged. Simple precautions against intruders in stables, sheds, tack rooms and other buildings can include burglar alarms and security lighting. Even low-level lighting has proved to be an excellent deterrent against unwanted intruders, and remote sites can even have active burglar alarm systems powered by batteries or solar panels.

Some simple security measures

Even the simplest of security measures can be highly effective in protecting horse stables from intruders. Secure doors, locks, and bolts are relatively cheap to install while metal mesh screwed to the inside of windows will discourage illegal entry. Even taking a few precautions can be enough to deter burglars.

  • Take care not to leave wheelbarrows about as they can be used to move heavy items.
  • Erect plenty of security signs such as 'BEWARE OF DOGS'.
  • Use close shackled padlocks that cannot easily be cut with bolt cutters.
  • Check that gates and doors cannot be lifted easily off their hinges.

High-tech security solutions for stables

There is a broad range of security products on the market aimed at equine and stable security, from battery wireless equine alarm systems and solar-powered paddock perimeter alarms to portable CCTV cameras and combination gate and door entry systems.


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