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Security advice for home and business

Crown Securities UK installs the very latest security systems with smartphone technology. We also provide CCTV, access control and more. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience.

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Security advice for home and business

Crown Securities UK publishes occasional online articles that offer help and advice on security matters for home and business. Articles range from choosing effective CCTV camera systems to picking a good door lock, from advice on setting up a home security alarm system to choosing garden plants that help to keep burglars at bay.

If you have any questions or concerns about security material published here please do not hesitate to get in touch using our Contact Page. We hope you enjoy reading the articles and remember, expert staff at Crown Securities UK are always happy to give free advice on security system installations for home or business.

Risco Agility smatphone app
How smart home security systems work

Smart home security systems combine traditional burglar alarms with apps used on smartphones, tablets and computers. Combining alarms with apps allows users to monitor, control and interact with their security systems remotely. These home security systems themselves have become increasingly 'smart',

Horses in stables
Security alarm installations for stables

Rural crime costs farmers and countryside dwellers an estimated £50 million in stolen stock, machinery and valuables. But when it comes to easy targets, the owners of stables can suffer the most from burglaries and break-ins. Stables may not only house valuable livestock; they are also often used

Busy office with staff working
Keeping offices safe and secure

Office security systems present some unique challenges when it comes to the installation of burglar alarms, access entry systems and other watchful measures. Offices can be prime targets for theft, illegal entry or even forced occupation. The biggest losers are those with little or no security in pl

Caravan in park
Advice on caravan security

When the summer is over, many caravan users will leave their vehicles sitting on the driveway or parked in an out-of-the-way spot throughout the winter months. Caravan security is hugely important while caravans are unused or little-visited, and keeping them secure and safe and

cows, cow, farms, farming, rural, dairy
Make your farm secure from thieves

Many farms have expensive machinery and livestock that can become a target for thieves. The trouble is that farms often cover large areas of land and are impossible to keep completely secure, but farmers can take measures to protect property and stock. A thorough security check should be top of the

Hands holding a toy house
Fixing a broken burglar alarm

Faulty burglar alarms can be annoying not only to the householder but neighbours and even passers-by. Broken alarms  also undermine the effectiveness of security systems as a deterrent again unwanted intruders. Regularly sounding alarms annoy neighbours and promote the notion

Risco Agility smatphone app
Types of burglar alarm systems

There are several types of burglar alarm systems on the market today and, as the technology improves, so does the service they provide. According to police and security experts, you are less likely to be a victim of a burglary or break-in if you have a properly installed and maintained security alar

Security keypad alarm
Take steps to protect your business

Burglary, criminal damage and vandalism are the crimes most likely to be reported to police by owners of small businesses. There is no magic solution to preventing these crimes, but firms that identify the risks and take measures to improve security are far less likely to suffer the consequences. Bu

Installing a CCTV camera
Maintain your burglar alarm system

Routine maintenance of your burglar alarm installation is vital to ensure that the security system is in good order when you need it most. Regular servicing may seem an unnecessary expense, but experience shows that those who overlook annual intruder alarm servicing learn costly lessons when it is t

Keys and locks
Make your doors burglar proof

Feeling safe in the home is a top priority for most people, which means protecting it from burglars and vandals. You can adopt several approaches to make this happen, including a burglar alarm installation or a CCTV network from Crown Securities UK. Security alarm systems are an effective deterrent

Burglar breaks into  house
Protect your home – more security tips

First the good news: police figures show a steady decline in reported incidents of burglary and criminal damage over many years. Then there is the bad news: there are still many criminals who want to break into your home, steal your valuables, and get away scot-free. Installing a home security syste

Office security door entry system
Intruder alarms and home automation

Rapid technological advances have revolutionised the intruder alarm industry in recent years, and the pace appears to be quickening every day. Most modern developments in burglar alarm systems have been brought about by faster communications, more powerful computers and the rise in mobile phone use.

Sunglasses on the beach
Keep your home safe while on holiday

Are you planning on taking a holiday this summer? An empty house is a tempting target for burglars and vacations provide perfect opportunities for thieves to strike. Arriving home from holiday to find your home has been burgled can be a devastating experience and matters will be made worse by the re

Installing a burglar alarm
Installing a burglar alarm system

The installation of a security alarm system at home or business is possible for the handyman with some experience of DIY. But there are drawbacks if you are looking for safe protection for your family or good security for your business. It is far better to call in the professionals and Crown Securit

Woman distressed at burglar alarm noise
Broken burglar alarm – Who you gonna call?

When a broken burglar alarm is howling away incessantly, it can be a distressing and irritating nuisance for you and your neighbours. It's true that modern burglar alarms are increasingly efficient and are much less likely to sound a false alarm. Still, not everyone has a modern security system,

CCTV in the primary school
Using CCTV in schools and colleges

The use of CCTV cameras in schools and colleges throughout the North West and West Midlands has increased sharply in recent years. But the introduction of CCTV into schools has polarised opinion over its use and effectiveness in the educational field. Supporters say school camera networks can help

Woman's face at broken window
What to do when a burglar strikes

Without a proper burglar alarm installation in your home, you are five times more likely to be burgled, according to police statistics. And, if you do suffer a break-in, you can expect to undergo a rollercoaster of emotions. Burglary is more than the loss of valuable possessions; it can mean that th

Mending intercom security system
Make regular checks on alarm systems

Security alarm installation is a must for many businesses today as people make protecting their commercial property a major priority. And on the domestic front too, the ease and effectiveness of home burglar alarm installation make a commanding case for getting a comprehensive security system in pla

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