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Crown Securities has a team of experienced CCTV installers who can help you design, build and install a comprehensive CCTV camera network for your home or business premises.
We offer free advice on designing, installing and maintaining CCTV coverage for your home or business, from cheap and straightforward camera networks to sophisticated multi-camera systems. For a no-obligation quote simply ring out FREEPHONE NUMBER: 0800 019 1131 at any time.
We can help you protect your home and property with a custom-designed CCTV camera system installation or carry out repairs, upgrades or extensions to existing camera security networks throughout Shropshire.

CCTV and crime prevention in Shropshire

Crime rates in Shropshire are relatively small compared to much of the UK. Towns like Shrewsbury and Telford have lower than average burglary rates, and it's the same story throughout Shropshire as a whole.
But that does not mean that your house or businesses will not suffer from a break-in. Many public bodies take property crime seriously, and CCTV cameras are prominent in many town centres.
And Shropshire firms and homeowners are beginning to see the advantages of installing CCTV to protect their premises and to act as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

CCTV helps to prevent crime

CCTV security cameras are known to prove useful in crime prevention, detection and prosecution.
Shropshire Council decided to upgrade the majority of its CCTV cameras in Shrewsbury in 2016 in a project funded by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner. Old CCTV cameras have been upgraded to provide high-definition (HD) images, and the Shrewsbury monitoring centre has had a revamp too.
The first CCTV security system for Shrewsbury was installed in the early 2000s and technology has improved considerably since then with new systems providing better image quality and larger recording capacity.
Shropshire Council officials say the new CCTV cameras will increase the effectiveness of the current security system in detecting and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour as well as providing reassurance for the public.

Other uses for CCTV in Shropshire

Homes and businesses too can benefit from CCTV coverage. Security systems have become much more sophisticated and responsive in recent years. Advances in technology and greater use by the public means prices have fallen dramatically.
Please take note that CCTV is not only used for crime prevention and detection. There are many other areas where security cameras can play an important role, both at home and at work.
CCTV can be used to monitor comings and goings in car parks, corridors and other areas, especially where linked to door entry access systems. At home, children and pets can be monitored to make sure they are safe, while at work sensitive areas can be watched and usage-controlled with surveillance cameras.

More uses for CCTV cameras

In Shropshire the county Fire and Rescue Service use CCTV not only for the prevention and detection of crime but also for the safety of staff and visitors.
Cameras can ensure that exit and entry points are kept clear of traffic and record movements on the Shrewsbury drill yard, help to protect staff vehicles overnight, and ensure the security of Brigade vehicles and appliances stored outside.
Shropshire schools even use cameras on school buses both to protect pupils and to monitor behaviour. A digital recorder and dome cameras are installed in school contract vehicles with video footage recorded simultaneously from all cameras at up to 100 images per second.
Traffic monitoring on Shropshire roads using CCTV cameras is considered the most effective and immediate method of getting accurate, up-to-date information about the current status of the road network.
These systems can also be used along with security gate and barrier installations to monitor activity at entrance and exit gates to industrial premises to ensure legitimate access and avoid congestion.

Security camera installations in Shropshire

Crown Securities UK CCTV installation covers all areas of Shropshire including Albrighton, Bayston Hill, Bridgnorth, Broseley, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Ellesmere, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Newport, Oswestry, Pontesbury, Prees, Shifnal, Shrewsbury, Telford, Wem, Whitchurch, and more.


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