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Crown Securities lets you protect your home and business with an impressive wireless security system that gives you complete control via an easy to use smartphone app. You can monitor and manage your entire wireless alarm system using a few simple tools right from your phone. If a sensor picks up an alarm event you can receive video clips or still images of your property so you can determine whether there is a genuine threat and whether you need to take further action.

Many of our burglar alarm installation customers prefer to use wireless systems for their home or business protection. Wireless burglar alarm installation offers many advantages over conventional wired intruder alarm networks. Developments in smartphone technology now allow you to connect and manage your business or home security system directly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Which means you can configure and operate your system from anywhere with a mobile phone connection, even while you are on holiday abroad.


Crown Securities can install RISCO LightSYS2, a complete hybrid security system for your home and office. The LightSYS2 system uses RISCO's industry-leading live video verification solution, P2P. This is a cloud-based platform using professional IP Cameras to provide a live video stream in the event of an alarm trigger situation. LightSYS2 uses a series of connection protocols for communication and cloud connectivity backup. The system supports GSM/GPRS, PSTN and Long Range Radio, all contained within the main housing. There are also numerous accessories available. Speak to the Crown Securities team to learn more.

Advantages of wireless alarm systems

Flexibility: Wireless alarms can grow from a basic system to a complex web as and when the budget allows. Expansion packs can be added quite quickly, and the number of sensors increased as needed. The software to maintain the system can be updated regularly and even automatically.

Wide range: Wired networks often have a narrow range, usually the result of not running wires in places where they can easily be cut or tampered with. A good wireless network, however, can extend many metres to reach outbuildings, caravans or sheds that are a long distance from the control centre.

Affordability: Although components can be more expensive, it is far easier to install a wireless intruder alarm network. Labour costs are lower, and there is less clean-up work involved.

Smart technology: Wireless alarm systems can also allow you not only to install CCTV monitoring but also receive alerts on your mobile phone. You can even control the alarm network through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Controls can extend to the automatic switching on and off lights, activation of door locks, and the adjustment of temperatures.

Easy maintenance: Wireless technology is expanding all the time, and an installer like Crown Securities UK, can often identify and fix problems remotely. These days many wireless networks run troubleshooting and diagnostic services automatically and notify you or your wireless alarm installer of any issues.

Power proof: Wired systems often have a battery-powered backup. Wireless networks are usually designed to rely primarily on batteries alongside mobile phone cellular networks, so they will function even if power lines are down.

Modular upgrades: Each component of a wireless system is standalone and only connected to other elements through radio signals. This makes it much easier to replace any part of the system with an upgraded unit while additional units, such as extra sensors, can be added at any time.

Efficient alarm installations

Crown Securities UK experts can install wireless burglar alarm systems quickly, efficiently and cheaply. By installing a wireless intruder alert network, you will cut the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Not only are our alarm systems installations efficient and reliable, but they can also act as a deterrent against break-ins. Most would-be burglars avoid homes and businesses where a visible alarm is on the show. A visual deterrent on display helps reduce the risk to your family or your business, but you need a burglar alarm installation that provides maximum assurance and protection.

Tailored to your needs

Wireless burglar alarm systems installed by Crown Securities UK are tailored to fit your needs and budget while offering the latest in security technology. Our wireless installations are easy to manage with stylish, touchscreen keypads that are simple to operate, making tasks like activating and disarming the system a cinch. And you can be sure that our alarm packages are professionally installed, unique to you and configured for the needs of your home or business premises. Installation packages can also include monitored alarm system s that can automatically contact named key-holders, even the police, whenever an alarm is triggered.

Agility 4

Crown Securities is delighted to be able to offer Agility 4, the new wireless multi-layered smart security system from RISCO. This platform is modular and adaptable and is designed to work both indoors and outdoors.


Monitor and intervene when incidents occur inside the house. This could be an attempted break-in or a safety hazard which has triggered a sensor. Provides early warnings of potential issues. As well as security issues Crown Securities can install sensors which monitor flooding, heat & smoke. Your Agility 4 System installed by Crown Securities offers full peace of mind, efficiency and convenience in an all in one wireless solution which puts you in control. Talk to our team to learn more.


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