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A CCTV security camera system is a must-have for many modern businesses. Cameras promise not only increased security from burglars and other intruders but also better protection of property against theft and damage. The ability to monitor and record all movement of people, staff and visitors, can be invaluable in busy, commercial premises.

As an independent security installer, Crown Securities (UK) can provide expert guidance on the best CCTV security system for your company. Our experienced installers are skilled at finding the best quality CCTV camera system to matchcustomer requirements. We can advise on the best possible camera security system for quality, reliability, and price.

All our CCTV security systems are individually designed to solve business security problems. Experienced engineers will not only offer advice on products but can also provide practical recommendations on how to increase the efficiency and security of your premises.

From a single user observation system to major security projects, Crown Securities (UK) Ltd has the complete camera security solution to save you time, money and give peace of mind. Systems can be monitored remotely from your tablet or smartphone from any location. For a free, no-obligation survey and quotation please contact us.

Benefits of a properly installed CCTV system

Installing an inadequate security camera system will be of little benefit to you, your business or your customers. Before setting up a security camera system, you should have a thorough knowledge of the layout of the premises and the specific problems you wish to address.
Proper performance of surveillance systems has to be 'designed into' the system and not just assumed. Studies have shown that the mere prescient of a CCTV camera has little effect on the likelihood of a burglary on your business premises.

Play your part in cutting crime

The primary benefits of a properly installed security camera system are crime detection and reduction.CCTV is an electronic witness that can be crucial in police investigations and criminal proceedings through the identification of suspects and the automatic recording of events.
Cameras can also play a vital role in management and safety in any business premises be it factory, office, shop or store. Visitor and vehicle arrivals and departures can be monitored 24-hours a day, and suspicious activity can be tackled directly through early intervention.

Get professional help to install CCTV

It is crucial to get professional help when installing CCTV camera systems in business and office premises. One of the most common failings of inexpertly installed systems is the failure to capture good images. Often pictures are too small or areas too dimly lit to be useful in the identifying suspected burglars.

The position of camera equipment is crucial to active surveillance. Consideration must be given to height, backlighting, vision width and frame rates. As well as determining the best location for a camera, it is also essential to consider angles of view, lighting and picture quality. The system needs a secure setting, an accurate system clock and be able to export video and still images to removable storage devices.

Businesses should also remember that stored digital information must comply with the Data Protection Act. The Information Commissioners' Office has specific guidance for CCTV users on its website


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