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Garage security is often overlooked when homeowners are planning to install their burglar alarm and home security systems.
This is unwise as garages can be attractive propositions for thieves and burglars, particularly when the main house appears to be well protected against intruders.
Even if homeowners don't put their cars in the garage, it can often be used to store expensive equipment such as gardening, cycles, deep freezers, camping equipment and so on.
If you store such items as DIY tools or ladders in the garage, then you must understand that these can become readymade items for the burglar to use to gain access to the house itself.
Domestic garages will either be of the detached variety, or they will be integrated into the fabric of the house.
Either way, if you want a proper garage security system you will need expert advice not only to assess the system that best meets your needs but also to make sure you are kept abreast of all the latest developments in home and garage security.

Security and garage position

Detached domestic garages are usually constructed of bricks, cement blocks or prefabricated with steel or cement. As well as the main door, they will often have a side-door for people to use, and they will often have windows too.
Garages set some way from the house, say at the bottom of the garden or out of sight from main house windows, will prove the most problematic as far are garage security is concerned.
Although generally more secure, integrated garages have their own security issues. Many will have a standard door leading into the main house or have some sort of access from the garden. Those who live in a modern house should find that the interconnecting garage door will be fire resistant and self-closing.
However, although fire-resistant doors are heavier than regular doors they may not have been manufactured as security doors, and they may easily be forced open by an intruder.

Garage security in older homes

In older homes, replacing an interconnecting garage door should mean installing a door that is resistant to both fire and burglars. Doors are the weak link when it comes to garage security. They can give burglars relatively easy access to your home. There are two basic types of garage door, the up-and-over and the roller shutter door. Both have their strengths and weaknesses on the parking security front. A typical up-and-over door has a lockable lever handle that operates a spring-loaded bolt. Older garage doors will often have just a single bolt, and the system can be of low quality. It can be relatively easy for an intruder to force open a single bolt garage door by inserting a thin-bladed tool in the top of the door to force the bolt open. There are a number of security solutions such as adding additional internal press bolts or internally operated runner jams. It is advisable to buy roller shutter doors that have been manufactured to rigorous security standards such as LPS 1175 which ensures they meet the rigorous independent requirement or STS202 issued by Warrington CertificationLtd.

More garage security measures

Bright lights can act as a deterrent, especially for home garages that are out of sight. Motion detector lighting can save energy as the security lights only come on when it is needed. Motion detectors can also be used to switch on internal and external lights when you arrive and switch off again when you have safely parked the car and locked all the doors. There are some simple garage security measures you can take yourself, of course, such as fitting secure cabinets for expensive power tools, adding ground anchors to chain cycles and mowers or opaque window curtains so thieves can't see what is stored inside.

Get advice from the experts

The first thing to do to ensure your garage is safe from unwanted intruders is to get some advice from the experts. The staff at Crown Securities have years of experience in installing, fitting and maintaining security devices for homes and business. What's more, they will give your home and garage a free check over and offer a free quote on ways to protect your property without breaking the bank. Burglar alarm systems and CCTV security systems are no longer the preserve of the wealthy and advanced in technology mean they can be both, cheap, efficient and easy to operate. The security-conscious homeowner can consider other measures such as garage door monitors to make sure they are properly closed and locked each time they are used; automatic door closers can operate garage doors even when you are not at home; heavy-duty deadbolt mechanisms for the pedestrian door into your home or even simple but effective electronic door entry systems that do not even require keys.


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