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Safety comes first when it comes to protecting our home and family from burglars or other intruders.

Many homeowners consider an intruder alarm installation to be essential in making sure their families and loved ones are protected from harm.

Figures show that homes without burglar alarm installations are five times more likely to suffer from a break-in and that dwellings burgled once are three times more likely to be burgled again.

The staff at Crown Securities UK understand what it takes to protect your home against intruders.

Recent advances in technology now bring sophisticated home alarm security systems well within reach of average households. Modern wireless security alarm systems installed in the home, for example, are reliable, flexible, unobtrusive and economic.

Home burglar alarm systems can be designed not only to sound an audible alarm, but they can be configured to contact you automatically by phone, text or even through a smartphone app to warn you of any suspicious activity in or around your home no matter where you are.

Users of home wireless alarm systems can turn alerts on or off remotely using key fobs or smartphones while affordable cameras can be equipped with smart sensors that can record and transmit images of your home should an intruder attempt to break in.

For even greater safety and security monitored home alarm systems can be installed to offer fully controlled protection 24/7 so that police or nominated keyholders can be alerted immediately in the event of alarm activation.

Only a few years ago, such sophisticated intruder alarm devices would have cost thousands of pounds to install. The rate of technological development, the expansion of the internet and the rise in smartphone usage now mean that high levels of home security are available at a fraction of the cost.

Security-vetted engineers at Crown Securities UK can carry out a FREE assessment of your home and give FREE advice on the security system to install that best matches your security needs to your budget.

Skilled staff can install a home security system that is entirely unobtrusive, without damaging your home or d├ęcor. If you choose a wireless-only system, remember that, should you move house, you can take your wireless security system with you when you go.

A regular maintenance contract gives even more peace of mind as systems can be regularly checked either physically or remotely. A wireless network has the added advantage of natural expansion or upgrades at a future date.

Police studies show a well-maintained intruder alarm system makes you far less likely to become a victim of burglary and, with the low costs involved in installing even a highly sophisticated home burglar alarm system.

Crown Securities UK serves the needs of domestic property owners for home security alarm systems across Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, North Wales and the North West. Call 0800 019 1131 for a free consultation.

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