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Access Control Systems are a secure and flexible way to keep your assets safe and to control who has access to your premises.
Buildings can indeed be secured against intruders with locks and keys, but they have their drawbacks. Keys may be lost, stolen or misplaced and replacing locks can be time-consuming and expensive.
Electronic control systems can be much more efficient. Lost key fobs or security cards can be erased from the system, entry codes changed or new passcodes issued.
Electronic monitoring of entry or exits to buildings, secure areas or even single rooms is a simple way to protect people and property, with complete control over any site, no matter how large or small.
Access control systems can be fitted to gates, barriers, doors and any entrance or exit point to keep assets safe and eliminate unwanted intruders.

Years of experience

Crown Securities UK has years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of door entry and access control systems. Our experts can design and install electronic security access equipment for all types of property, for home or business.
Door entry systems are tailored to fit your exact security needs, from simple and convenient access to your home to sophisticated tracking of employees and customers on business premises.
Video and door entry systems can ensure controlled and secure admission for authorised residents or staff. We have a broad range of reliable access solutions to meet the needs of any customer.

Efficient & cost-effective

Electronic access control is the most efficient and cost-effective way to secure your buildings against unauthorised entry.
We are confident that our door and gate control systems are flexible enough to cater for all security requirements.
We can install systems that serve single or multiple users or extended installations to accommodate hundreds of users in various locations with access control over large areas.


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