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Shed security hardly seems worth the trouble since many people use sheds to store rubbish or unwanted items.
But it is surprising how quickly a shed can get full of valuable items and just what an easy target it is for thieves.
Police regularly issue warnings to householders to improve shed security, and no wonder, given that most burglary reports result from thefts from unguarded sheds.
Sheds are often home to expensive power tools and gardening equipment. Power drills, saws, and hammers can be useful when thieves are looking for ways to break in through a door or window.
Here are a few tips that will help improve security for your shed and so keep your whole house better protected

Reinforce doors and windows

Many sheds come with flimsy hinges and locks. These may help keep the price down in the store, but you could pay a much heavier price later. Cheaply constructed shed doors can be pulled off their hinges or even kicked in. We recommend that regular hinge screws are replaced with security screws or coach bolts. Clutch-head screws can only be unscrewed with great difficulty. Windows too should be strengthened with metal grilles fitted inside to make it challenging to break in. Reflective glass in windows is also a good idea as it prevents thieves from looking inside to detect any valuables left lying around. Even bubble wrap or an old net curtain is better than nothing. Both doors and windows should, of course, be fitted with high-quality locks. Closed-shackle padlocks with small metal hoops are more likely to resist thieves carrying a pair of bolt cutters.

Use burglar-proof chains and security markers

A determined burglar may still get inside a shed even though you have taken security precautions with doors and windows. It is a good idea to run tamper-proof chains around any larger valuable items stored inside the shed, such as cycles, garden mowers, barbecues and other equipment. Security-marked tools and valuables are harder to sell and increase the chances of your valuables being returned should they ever be stolen. Smaller items can be stored in toolboxes that can then be chained up to prevent theft. Marking more expensive items with security markers or a UV pen is highly recommended. Mark equipment with your postcode or scratch it onto metal handles.

Install security alarms, lights, and cameras

There are a number of practical security measures that can be taken to protect your property. Motion detector alarms inside the shed could be problematic unless the building is well-sealed against draughts and other weather. Still, motion-sensitive lighting can be enough to deter burglars from thinking of breaking in. A well-positioned CCTV camera is another good option as a deterrent and to capture images of an attempted break-in. A security camera can be connected to a monitor or video recorder and set to come on at a particular time of the day. Buying and installing CCTV is a problem for the layman with a confusing range of options on the market. Crown Securities can advise you on choosing the best security equipment for your needs. Even sophisticated shed security systems are not anywhere near as expensive as they can sound, and prices are coming down as technology advances and equipment becomes more cheap and reliable.

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