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Audible alarm systems

Crown Securities installs and maintains wireless alarm systems in Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales. Our expert engineers can install alarm systems in all domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We are an NSI GOLD-accredited company with more than 30 years of experience in the security field.

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The primary purpose of an audible intruder alarm is to disturb the would-be burglar and to alert neighbours or anyone passing by. Audible alarms can be handy in places like Neighbourhood Watch areas where there is often a security-conscious ethos. They can also be a visual deterrent, prompting would-be burglars to look elsewhere. The drawbacks of not having any burglar alarm system installed can be dramatic, as crime figures show:

  Properties with no alarm system are five times more likely to be burgled.
  Surveys show 93% of burglars steer clear of visible intruder alarms.
  Around 74% of burglary attempts are abandoned when alarms sound.

A burglar alarm system is a worthwhile investment for protecting your home or business premises. Studies show you are far less likely to be the victim of an intruder if you have a well-maintained intruder alarm installation.

Audible burglar alarm installations

An intruder alarm system uses electronic components to alert the user to any interloper. Sensors are installed at vulnerable points and connect to a central control hub. Sensors can be of various types. Some can 'sense' the opening of a door or window while others 'detect' movement with passive infrared PIR. Systems can also alert to fire, gas, flood or carbon monoxide. The systems supplied by Crown Securities UK are installed by experienced engineers with extensive knowledge of home security systems. Each network is fully configured to the individual customer's needs. All our installations come with a guarantee.

Wireless security systems

Wireless burglar alarm systems are growing in popularity due to recent improvements in electronic components' reliability and increased sensitivity. A wireless system takes less time to install, requires no drilling or wiring, and is upgraded or extended whenever needed. Wireless alert systems are also portable to move with you to a new property. Also, as there are no cables to be cut or damaged, a wireless response alert is often much easier to maintain.

Wired security alarm systems

Wired alarm systems use alarm cable wiring to connect sensors to the control panel. Wires are usually hidden by passing cables through existing wall cavities or local loft spaces. When cables cannot be concealed, trunking makes them as discrete as possible.

Hybrid wired/wireless security systems

Hybrid alarm systems combine the aspects of wireless and hard-wired sensors. Hybrid setups offer a robust design with expansion opportunities, giving customers the best of both worlds. Audible burglar alarm installations can also be wireless.

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We supply, install and maintain domestic and commercial security alarm systems.


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