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A monitored burglar alarm system offers complete reassurance that your property is being watched and protected around the clock — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whenever you are absent from your home or your business, you can rest easy knowing that your possessions and assets are adequately protected against intruders.

When a monitored burglar alarm is activated, a signal is sent to our NSI Gold accredited response alarm centre EMCS which will contact the police and any of your nominated keyholders straight away.

Monitored alarm design


Intruder alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorised entry into any building or secure area. They are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and even military environments to protect against burglary or damage to property.

Alarm systems can range from small, self-contained audible alarms to complex multi-environment networks with 24-7 computer monitoring and control. Both contact and radiation sensors can link to central control units either with wires, wirelessly or both.

The most commonly used sensors found in security alarm installations are hermetically controlled reed switches and passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors, but these are not the only ones.

Trained security alarms experts at Crown Securities UK can advise on the most suitable sensor systems to meet your safety requirements. Each response alarm system installed by us can be individually configured to the needs of the client.

All our security burglar alarm installations come with a no quibble guaranteed, and our response networks are all installed by qualified. trusted and security-vetted engineers.

Benefits of monitored response alarms

Monitored alarm systems installed by Crown Securities come with a number of benefits.

  • Our intruder alarm installations use the latest proven technology.
  • Response signals can be patched through to an approved Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • We offer 24-hour comprehensive maintenance cover, so your system never goes offline.
  • Keyholder response provides extra peace of mind while you are away from your property.
  • All our alarm systems are installed to the strict European standards.

Alarm system installation options

We can link your burglar alarm system to our monitored response signal axis using a variety of methods such as DigiAir, RedCare, RedCare GSM & DualCom GPRS. Our surveyor can discuss your options in light of your insurance requirements.

Our monitored burglar alarm networks can come with a comprehensive range of accessories and with tamper-proof and jamming detection facilities to provide additional security and prevent interference by potential intruders.

Why choose a wireless alarm network

A wireless alarm system will avoid unnecessary drilling and the need to run signal cables all over your property. Wireless alarms are also easier to set up, and customers can be up-and-running with an intruder alarm installation very quickly and with minimum disruption.

Wireless technology is developing all the time, and it plays an increasing role in daily life so wireless alarm installations are relatively easy to understand and to operate.

Wireless alarm systems are also highly portable so, if you move home or relocate your business it is easy to take your monitored burglar alarm system with you and have it installed at your new premises in a matter of minutes.

If you are comfortable with drilling and don't mind running cables around the walls, usually well hidden behind skirting boards, then wired burglar alarm systems can be a cost-effective alternative. Wired burglar alarm installations tend to be slightly more robust than wireless solutions, but they often require more maintenance.

Alarm system maintenance

It is vital to keep a burglar alarm system in good order at all times. This means taking out a maintenance contract to test and repair on a regular basis. Our maintenance programs are designed to suit your individual needs and budget. A 24-hour emergency call-out service is automatically available to Crown Securities UK contract holders.

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