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Intruder alarm systems

Crown Securities installs and maintains intruder alarm systems in Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales. Our security-vetted engineers can install alarm systems in all domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We are an NSI GOLD accredited company with more than 30 years experience in fitting burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV cameras, controlled gates and barriers, door access points, security lighting, perimeter fencing and more. We can customise security systems to meet your exact requirements and the strict demands of Insurance companies. Our security experts can execute a full free survey of your property and advise on the measures needed to make it safe.

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Alarms are a very worthwhile investment for homes and businesses. They can detect and deter unauthorised entry, alert police and keyholders in real-time and protect against breakage or theft day and night. However, it is vital to choose the right alarm system for your needs and install it for maximum effectiveness.
Installing an intruder alarm system is a professional's job. Staff at Crown Securities have wide experience installing alarms in all types of properties, expert knowledge of the alarm systems available and great expertise in assessing security needs.
Modern alarm systems range from cheap, off-the-shelf DIY units to sophisticated monitored alarm networks. No matter what system you choose, it pays to have an expert install your equipment.
Studies show a well-maintained intruder alarm is effective against unwanted intruders.

Carry out a security survey

A security survey will help you identify the best places to install sensors and detectors. A professional should do this, as they can assess your property's security risks and make recommendations based on their expertise. Once this is done, you can choose the right alarm system. Many types are available, so choosing one appropriate for your home or business is important. A professional installer will consider the size of your property, the number of entry points, and your budget.

Install the system properly

There are many things to consider when installing an effective alarm system. An open circuit alarm is triggered when an electrical circuit is made, such as when a door is closed. In a closed-circuit network, the alarms start when the circuit breaks, for example, when the door opens. It's important to use the right system in the right place.
Closed circuits are designed to guard a perimeter, while open-circuit systems use trip alerts once an intruder is inside the building. Some alarm systems use a photo-sensor motion indicator, while others use passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors, and both can trigger various types of response alarms. The position and scope of sensors and detectors are crucial in ensuring that alarms are effective.

Types of alarm

There are several alarm systems, and the choice of which to use depends on the size and type of property and the level of security required.

Wireless or wired burglar alarm
Intruder alarm systems may be wired or wireless. Wireless systems are less intrusive in the home, easier to install and maintain, and relatively simple to reinstall if you move house or office. Battery-powered sensors communicate with a control panel using radio signals. Wired warning systems are usually more expensive to install than wireless ones, as cables are needed to connect the various components. The wires can be hidden to make them less intrusive, but this can increase wried installation costs.

Audible or bells-only alarms
Many house alarms use a siren, bell or flashing light to alert neighbours and passers-by to any potential break-in or unusual activity. Although audible alarms are a relatively simple, cheap and efficient deterrent, there is no guarantee that action is taken once the signal, bell or horn goes off. Faulty alarm systems of this type may be triggered when owners are away, causing distress and nuisance to neighbours. It's usual to have a trusted keyholder turn off the system if it sounds like a false alarm.

Monitored alarm systems
Monitored alarms come in several flavours. A controlled system typically connects to a receiving centre programmed to take appropriate action. It's often a provision of the monitoring contract that your alarm installation conforms to minimum standards, and experienced professionals are needed to install it. Some monitoring services offer 24-hour dedicated coverage. These provide greater reassurance but are the most expensive. Alternatively, a telephone auto-dialer can play a pre-recorded message to nominated keyholders, a monitoring company, the police, or even all three.

Test and maintain your alarm

We highly recommend regular testing and maintenance for any security system. A maintenance contract can include regular personal inspections or remote testing. Costs vary according to the level of support. A professionally maintained alarm system may be a requirement of insurance companies. We evaluate for free and advise on the most appropriate type of installation.
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