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Intruder alarm installation is much more widespread than it used to be. Installations are most often fitted in commercial and industrial premises but, increasingly they are found in private homes.Recent developments in wireless technology, the growth of smart security systems and fast wi-fi connectivity mean domestic alarm installation is much sophisticated and reliable.

Modern alarm systems range from cheap, off-the-shelf DIY units to sophisticated monitored alarm networks installed and maintained by professionals.No matter how simple the alarm system, it pays to have an expert to advise and install your intruder alarm equipment. This is the best way to ensure you buy the best security products to match your requirements and install a system that functions efficiently and properly.

Repeated studies by police forces and crime prevention organisations show that a well-maintained intruder alarm system makes you far less likely to become a victim of a burglar or a prowler.But what alarm systems are available and how do you decide on which best meets your needs and fit your budget? Here are a few things to consider when deciding on fitting an intruder alarm in your property.

Ways of detecting trespassers

The most fundamental trespasser alarm is a simple electric circuit that is either open or closed. Each behaves in a different way. In an open circuit system, an alarm signal goes off when the circuit is made, as when a door is closed. In a closed-circuit network, the alarms is triggered when the security circuit is broken; for example, if a window opens.
A closed-circuit warning system is designed to guard the perimeter of a building where an intruder might try to break in. Open-circuit systems are more often used to trip alerts once an intruder is inside the building.
Many intruder alarm systems use a photo-sensor motion indicator to detects when a light beam is interrupted. Other security systems use passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors that recognise infrared radiated body heat.
Both systems can trigger various types of response alarm system

Wireless or wired burglar alarm

Intruder alarm systems may be wired or wireless. Wireless systems are less intrusive in the home, easier to install and maintain and can be relatively simple to reinstall if you move home or office. Battery-powered sensors communicate with a control panel using radio signals.
Wired warning systems are usually more expensive to install than wireless ones as cables are needed to connect the various components. The cables can be hidden to make them less intrusive but this can push wried installation costs even higher.

Audible or bells-only alarms

Many house alarms use a siren, bell or flashing light to alert neighbours and passers-by to any potential break-in or unusual activity. Although audible alarms are relatively simple, cheap and an efficient deterrent, there is no guarantee that any action will be taken once the signal, bell or horn goes off.
Faulty alarm systems of this type may be triggered when owners are away, causing distress and nuisance to neighbours so it's usual to have a trusted keyholder to disable the system should it sound a false alarm.

Monitored alarm systems

Monitored alarms come in several flavours. A controlled system typically connects to a receiving centre that is programmed to take appropriate action. It's often a provision of the monitoring contract that your alarm installation conforms to minimum standards and experienced professionals are needed to install it.
Some monitoring services offer 24-hour dedicated coverage. These offer greater reassurance but are the most expensive.
Alternatively, a telephone auto-dialer can play a pre-recorded message to nominated keyholders, a monitoring company, the police, or even all three.

Maintain your intruder alarm installation

We highly recommend regular maintenance for any home or office security system. Regular system checks are vital to highlight defects early and give greater peace of mind. A maintenance contract can include regular personal inspections or remote testing of your response system. Costs will vary according to the level of support. A professionally maintained alarm system may be a requirement of insurance companies. At the very least you should have an emergency call-out number to contact should your alarm system prove faulty.

New and improved alert systems appear on the market all the time. Advances in microelectronics and the growth of internet cloud services means efficient and sophisticated intruder alarm systems can be installed and maintained at a very reasonable cost. You can even buy pet-friendly alarms that keep your home secure without triggering faulty warnings. Security systems can now be activated using a smartphone while built-in cameras can record trespassers in real-time, and even detect false alarms.

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