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CCTV installation in Cheshire

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CCTV installers for the Cheshire area

If you are thinking of installing a CCTV system for your Cheshire home or business, it makes sense to talk to the experts first.
We have a team of experienced Cheshire CCTV installers who can help you design and erect a comprehensive and cost-effective CCTV camera network.
We offer free advice on the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV coverage for your home or business.

For a no-obligation quote just ring our FREEPHONE NUMBER: 0800 019 1131 at any time.

We can help you protect your home and property with a custom-designed and CCTV camera system installation or carry out repairs, upgrades or extensions to existing camera security networks throughout Cheshire.

Security camera use in Cheshire & the North-West

CCTV cameras are known to be effective in deterring crime and in helping prosecute offenders. But there is little evidence that CCTV cameras on their own can cut burglary rates or stop intruders gaining access to a property.
When used in conjunction with other measures such as burglar alarms, security lighting and sturdy locks can prove most useful.
Annual burglary figures for Cheshire West and Cheshire East are well over the 3,000 mark, and it's more than double that for criminal damage or arson.

Advice on CCTV installation

Cheshire Police has advice on how and where to install CCTV systems to help prevent and detect crime.
And telling the police that you have CCTV security cameras in operation can help the fight against crime and aid any police investigations as well as ensure that officers can make the best use of the installed technology.
Cheshire businesses, in particular, can benefit from police advice on how and where to install CCTV security cameras. The advice includes siting cameras at the entrance and exit points in such a way as to capture full facial images; making sure visual areas are well lit without any backlight glare; training staff on operating camera systems and capturing high definition images.
Owners of high-risk businesses such as city centre shops should also consider talking to local crime partnership organisations and even consider linking CCTV cameras to a control room which could enable trained professional operations to track offenders using town centre CCTV footage or vehicle number plate recognition.

Factors to consider

Other factors to consider in a CCTV security system installation in Cheshire are:

  • Image Quality: Are the captured pictures good enough?
  • Image Storage: Are the collected images stored appropriately?
  • Image Export: Can the data be easily exported from the CCTV system?
  • Image Playback: Can the pictures be easily viewed by authorised personnel?

More uses for CCTV in Cheshire & North-West

Although CCTV is used primarily for crime prevention and detection, there are many other uses for a security cameras network both in the home and for businesses.
In offices and the workplace, CCTV can be used to monitor comings and goings of personnel and vehicles. This can be particularly useful when cameras link to door entry access systems.
At home, children and pets can be monitored to make sure that they are safe and sensitive areas such as garages and workshops can be controlled through surveillance cameras.
In Cheshire East, for example, the local authority's central control room was set up in 2011 and now provides continuous monitoring for 365 days per year in 14 towns across the borough. The council has over 150 street cameras and over 90 in public car parks.
A CCTV scheme can be run in partnership with local businesses, primarily shops, bars, pubs and clubs. Member companies are linked directly with the CCTV control room via a shop or pub watch radio.
Several schools in Cheshire have security cameras installed to monitor students as they go about the campus.
Ones of the most common uses of CCTV camera systems are alongside with security gate and barrier installations to monitor activity at entrance and exit gates to ensure legitimate access and to avoid congestion.

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