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Security alarm systems for Telford & Wrekin

Telford burglar alarms are fitted by Crown Securities in homes and businesses across Shropshire to help protect your home or business property.
More importantly, Crown Securities is NSI Gold accredited – the leading award for intruder alarm installers and recognised by Police, Fire & Rescue services, and most major insurance companies.

For free advice on the best way to protect your home with burglar alarms in Telford and Shropshire, contact Crown on our head office number 01691 623761for a no-obligation assessment.

According to recent figures, Telford is one of the safest towns in Shropshire. The Telford crime rate in 2021 was eight crimes per 1,000 people, much lower than the average crime rate for the whole of Shropshire, which stands at 62 per 1,000 residents.

*Telford is considered one of the safest major towns in Britain. Most burglaries occur in Wellington West, while Dothill and Shawbirch record the lowest burglary rates. You can find more on burglary rates in Telford at CrimeRate.

Smart alarms for Telford

We install and configure the latest high-tech smart alarm systems for homes, offices and businesses throughout Telford, Wrekin and the surrounding area. Our intelligent systems offer custom alarm network solutions operated from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk computer. With a wide range of flexible options, our intelligent security systems can be configured to meet your full security needs and protect your property against intruders day and night.
A single, easy-to-use app can put you in complete control of your security and protect your property. We can fully assess your home, office or business to help you decide on the best products and services to meet your needs. Security solutions can include CCTV installations, automated lighting, hazard detectors or video surveillance.
Our security-vetted staff will help you decide on the best positions for sensors and cameras and provide regular maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your Telford security system is working at its optimum level at all times. Enhanced smart security installations give our Telford customers complete peace of mind thanks to intelligent, automated cloud and smartphone services. Customers can receive immediate alerts on their mobile devices, and they stay in control in real time.

Crime prevention in Telford

The latest crime figures for the Telford and Wrekin area show high levels of burglary and criminal damage in the area. According to statistics, properties in Telford & Wrekin suffer more than two burglaries daily.
Statistics are very good, but they don't mean so much when thieves invade your home or your business property is the target of burglars and others intent on causing damage. And it's not just the loss of valuables or personal items or even the need to replace doors, windows or broken locks that take its toll. Victims tell of the emotional trauma suffered as the result of a break-in. Many no longer feel safe in their own homes and can be crippled by the painful sense of invasion after having intruders rifle through personal belongings.
Businesses face the additional loss of valuable stock or cash. They have to deal with massive disruption, with locks being replaced, new keys being distributed to staff, and a possible hike in insurance premiums.

Useful advice on cutting crime

According to guidance from PoliceUK, those who fail to install security systems on their property are up to five times more likely to be broken. They advise basic safety measures such as:

Locking all doors and windows at night
Keeping all keys safe and secure
Installing a good burglar alarm

More advice on home security

Shropshire Council offers similar advice and suggests that many thieves will think twice about breaking into a property with an alarm. Community safety experts warn against low-cost alarms and advise that home and business owners:

Obtain at least three quotes and specialist advice from burglar alarm companies.
Check that alarm installations are recommended by insurance firms.
Verify that any burglar alarm system meets British or European standards

The Metropolitan Police suggests that, at minimum, homeowners should fit external and visible burglar alarms to the front and back of their homes. And they recommend that security alarms be provided by a registered security system installer affiliated with an accredited board such as the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Smart home security solutions for Shropshire

We install and maintain security systems and burglar alarms across Shropshire, including Telford, Shrewsbury, Wellington, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Oswestry, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Leominster and other areas.
Crown Securities (UK), Halesfield 9, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4QW, Telephone: 01952 427818


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