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CCTV Installations North Wales

Crown Securities offers professionally installed CCTV CCTV security camera systems for your private homes or commercial businesses across North Wales.
Our experienced CCTV engineers can help you assess, design and erect a comprehensive and cost-effective CCTV camera network.
Crown Securities can carry out full CCTV installation, including the design, supply, installation and regular services, at a competitive price.
We can help you protect your home and property with a custom-designed CCTV camera system or perform repairs, upgrades or extensions to existing camera security networks throughout North Wales.
We cover North Wales and Cheshire using the latest hi-tech equipment, including smart CCTV systems that can be operated from a smartphone or tablet.
Many residential areas in North Wales may have CCTV systems installed to enhance security and deter burglaries or other crimes. These systems can be found in private properties, housing estates, or apartment complexes.
CCTV usage in North Wales, like in many other regions of the UK, is very evident in public places for security and crime prevention. Local authorities, businesses, and public spaces in North Wales may deploy CCTV systems to enhance safety, protect the community and catch wrongdoers.

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CCTV and crime in North Wales

CCTV can be a useful tool in discouraging anti-social behaviour and combatting crime.CCTV cameras work by day and night, recording when they detect movement. Police advise positioning cameras carefully to obtain good-quality facial images.
There are laws on CCTV use for homes and businesses, and police advise installing cameras by an accredited installer such as Crown Securities to ensure your system complies with all regulations, such as placing signage warning that CCTV is in use.
North Wales police say CCTV can be valuable but warn of its limitations. Security cameras are no substitute for good quality physical security, such as secure doors and windows. North Wales Police have a policy document on CCTV use, which you can download.

CCTV use in North Wales

North Wales has a rich history and beautiful tourist destinations, including historic sites, castles, and natural landscapes. CCTV cameras are often installed in these locations to deter vandalism and theft and ensure visitor safety.
Many town centres in North Wales use CCTV to monitor public areas such as streets, parking lots, and shopping precincts. Cameras aim to deter criminal activities, ensure public safety, and assist in the detection and prosecution of offenders.
CCTV cameras are also commonly deployed in transport hubs such as train and bus stations where many people may congregate. They help monitor the flow of people, detect suspicious behaviour, and enhance existing security measures. Public facilities such as schools, libraries, hospitals, and government buildings may use CCTV to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, and property.
CCTV usage in rural areas of North Wales is less prevalent. Still, many farms, remote properties, and rural businesses now install CCTV to safeguard premises and monitor livestock.
CCTV coverage is now operational in many parts of North Wales as part of an ongoing 'Safer Streets' initiative, a collaborative scheme led by North Wales Police to improve public safety.
Key elements of the Safer Streets project are trained street marshals, town centre patrols and improved street lighting.
Many domestic CCTV systems, such as smart cameras and video doorbells, are now on the market to help you protect your home. All users should ensure cameras do not operate beyond a property's boundaries, as recorded footage is subject to the Data Protection Act. Be aware that you need to use CCTV cameras in a way that respects other people's privacy. The Information Commissioner's Office has guidance on these issues.


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