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Crown Securities UK installs the very latest security systems with smartphone technology. We also provide CCTV, access control and more. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience.

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Security lighting systems for home and business can play a significant role in making and keeping your property and premises safe.
Although it is no substitute for a comprehensive security alarm solution, external lighting at strategic points on your property can be both an effective deterrent to criminals and can also enhance other fitted safety measures such a burglar alarm network.
Crown Securities UK can install external lighting networks to maximise protection of your property, especially in vulnerable spots around the home such as sheds and gardens and on our business premises in places such as car parks and outdoor compounds.
Good security lighting systems can give you reassurance as well as providing extra safety in all sorts of environments.

Range of lighting solutions

Domestic and commercial external lighting solutions can be highly effective in deterring illegal entry into the premises by illuminating dark corners and, when linked to a configured response alarm system, add enhanced security to a property.
There are a number of external lighting solutions that may suit your needs. They range from dusk to dawn lighting to timer switch systems and motion or heat sensor detectors.

Lighting for CCTV systems

Installing a CCTV camera alongside an external light will often prove the best deterrent as a potential intruder won't like the idea of being filmed in a floodlit area. When designing and fitting security lighting systems, the expert staff at Crown Securities UK will take several factors into consideration. Wall-mounted floodlights will need to illuminate as much as possible and are best placed high above the ground and angled downwards. Care must be taken over the power of the bulb. It is not always the case that the more powerful the light, the better. High light levels can produce glare and dark shadows which, especially if you have a CCTV camera fitted, may actually make things harder to see. Low-powered sodium lights are not only less obtrusive; they do not create much glare and can be far better than bulbs that emit high-powered white light.

Using lights with sensors

Lights fitted with an infrared PIR detector are activated by any suspicious movement and any change in background radiation can be used to trigger a light switch. Lights also need to be sensibly placed. PIR systems can be very sensitive, and you will not want to dazzle your neighbours each time they open their backdoors. It can not only be annoying, but it also has the potential to cause accidents. Lights can also be activated by a photoelectric cell, and this system is used to switch lights on automatically when it gets dark. At outdoor places where an electricity supply is not available, our staff might consider new solar-powered systems that are getting increasingly efficient even on darker winter days. You can see that there is a range of issues to consider when designing and installing security lighting systems, so it pays to have lights fitted by professionals. All security lighting should be installed by a qualified electrician and comply with the UK building regulations.


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