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It is vital to choose a reliable CCTV camera security system if you want to secure your home or business against burglars and other intruders.

The first thing to consider before selecting a security camera system are the problems you need to tackle.

You need an idea of how much you are willing to spend, and the areas you intend the cameras to cover.

It does not matter if your CCTV costs a large or small amount of money — if it has lots of features or is just a basic setup.

It can be used to act as a deterrent or to help capture criminals. Most important are that its function and purpose are well thought through and that the system is installed to maximise its capabilities.

A poorly thought out or poorly installed system will do little to protect you, your family or your property. Any captured images may not help you or your security staff during the commission of a crime nor aid the police in pursuing the criminals afterwards.

CCTV camera footage can play a significant role in the apprehension and conviction of burglars and other intruders. But the benefits of any CCTV security system can be thrown away by a poorly designed and badly maintained camera network.

Choosing the best CCTV system

In choosing a CCTV system, you need to consider the camera positions carefully as well as the size and layout of the area you need to cover.

You should also give some thought to the type and quality of images required and the ultimate purpose of the surveillance.

One of the most significant faults of many CCTV systems is that owners expect them to carry out multiple functions. A camera designed to monitor vehicle access to a compound, for example, will be unlikely to be able to identify the faces of individual criminals.

A poorly sited camera will also fail to act as a deterrent if it is hidden away, yet may become a target for vandals if it is too accessible.

Cameras sited too far away from targets or aimed at areas with poor lighting could prove useless in detecting intruders or suspicious activity.

One of the most common failings of security camera systems is the size and quality of the captured images.

Recorded images may not look as clear and sharp as the live pictures.

Benefits of a good CCTV layout

The benefits of a well planned and intelligently designed CCTV camera system are considerable. Not only do well-placed cameras act as a deterrent, but the captured images can also be invaluable in police investigations and any court proceedings.

Live monitoring by cameras can result in a quick and timely intervention on the scene and can provide enhanced live security checks on people entering and leaving the premises.

Here are just a few of the key elements recommended by the Home Office when installing a CCTV security camera system.

  • Choose the best locations for your cameras and make sure the correct type of cameras is used to cover high-risk areas.
  • Consider viewing angle and lighting conditions when positioning cameras
  • Check that the video signal from security cameras in high-risk locations records at least six frames per second.
  • The camera system should be able to record and store images for review or export.
  • Ensure the recorded image is clear and at the original live view size.
  • Set up system clocks accurately so that the time/date stamp can help any police investigation.
  • Ensure that cameras, equipment and installation comply with BS EN 50132-7.

Use Crown Securities to install your CCTV

The Home Office recommends that your security camera network is installed by a company that is accredited by a UKAS approved scheme.

It also recommends that subsequent maintenance of the system is to a professional standard.

Crown Securities UK Ltd is NSI Gold accredited to install intruder alarm security systems. Our CCTV security systems use the very latest technology and are installed and maintained by NSI certified experts to ensure quality installations and complete peace of mind.

For free advice on the best way to protect your home with CCTV cameras contact Crown Securities (UK) Ltd. Our Freephone number is 0800 019 1131. Ring us today for a no-obligation assessment.

Crown Securities (UK) Ltd serves all of Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, South Manchester, North Wales, Mid Wales and the surrounding areas.

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