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Make your doors burglar proof

Feeling safe in the home is a top priority for most people, which means protecting it from burglars and vandals.
You can adopt several approaches to make this happen, including a burglar alarm installation or a CCTV network from Crown Securities UK.
Security alarm systems are an effective deterrent against break-ins, and CCTV can record events and provide valuable evidence against thieves and other criminals.
But first, you should also consider reducing your vulnerability to break-ins and ensuring that entry points to your home are secure and robust.
Security installations are constantly improving, and sophisticated technology now makes homes much more secure against burglars and other unwanted intruders.
Motion and heat sensors, automatic security gates, outside lighting and sophisticated mobile devices help keep burglars at bay.
But basic home safety still comes down to securing doors and windows, making it hard to gain access, and keeping potential intruders out.
A door that is vulnerable to a crowbar and a window that can be prised open with a screwdriver will always be attractive to an opportunistic thief and the professional burglar.

Use robust materials

Price is always a problem when buying new or replacing existing doors. The main disadvantage of cheap doors is that they are often made of thin and flimsy materials. Hollow doors are unlikely to present any problem for a determined thief. A cheap hollow door can be easily prised open with a 'jemmy' or even kicked in to gain entry. Cheaper doors may be acceptable when used internally, but all external doors should be manufactured with robust material and have room for substantial hinges. You should also avoid doors with glass panels, especially if the glass surround can be broken off with a screwdriver or chisel.

Use more door hinges

If a door is not hung on decent hinges, the material it is made of will make little difference to an intruder. The exposed hinges are of little use as they can easily be unscrewed or even attacked with a chisel and the whole door removed. Most doors come with three hinges, but added security could come from adding an extra hinge to anchor it more solidly to the door frame.

Check the door frame

When fitting a new door, don't overlook the door frame. If the structure is weak or poorly installed, an intruder can ignore even the most robust doors and locks using brute force on the frame. A thin or flimsy frame can be kicked down with surprising ease. The strike plate too (the case that holds the bolt of the door lock in the frame), needs to be strong and firmly fixed with deep screws at least three inches long. If the lock case is loose, it can act as a lever when the door is forced, splitting the wood, so the lock falls out.

Door locks are the key

For security, it's best to fit a mortice lock. This lock type requires a pocket to be cut into the frame to take the bolt. Lock grades range from one to three, with Grade 1 offering the highest level of security. For proper protection, aim for a solid door and a high-grade deadbolt lock with a throw bolt at least one inch long. For even higher security, consider a second vertical-mounted deadbolt that can't be prised open. If you must have glass door panels, try a double-cylinder deadbolt that requires unlocking from both inside and outside, although some fire safety codes forbid the use of double-cylinder deadbolts in some buildings. Even the most robust door can be opened if the bolt does not extend deep into the door frame or is ill-fitting or wobbly, so regular checks are essential.

Keys are easily copied

There is a useful app that you can download from the web. You upload a photo of a key and get a replacement through the post. It's a convenient service for the homeowner and handy for a burglar, too, as he doesn't have to steal your keys to get a copy made. He can take a photo on his mobile phone. The ease of physical key copying helps make a case for electronic combination door access units and similar high-tech devices. Lost keys are a huge security risk; even misplaced ones found later present a security problem. This is especially true if several people have a key to an exterior door. Installing an electronic door access system means you can throw away your keys. You will never need to change the locks as access combinations can easily be reset at any time or misplaced fobs deactivated. Some products operate on batteries and can even be connected to home security systems and controlled through mobile devices or secure internet connections.

How Crown Securities can help

Crown Securities UK has broad experience fitting security doors and control access systems as part of the company's high-quality security options for homes and businesses throughout the North West and the Midlands. We can fit complete burglar alarm systems tailored to your individual needs and CCTV systems of all descriptions. Our team of NDI-accredited experts is on hand to provide free advice and assistance, so why not visit the Crown Securities UK CONTACT PAGE.

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