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Security alarms for the Warrington area

Crown Securities has been accredited with the NSI Gold standard, the top award for intruder alarm installers recognised by Police, Fire & Rescue and by insurance companies in Warrington.
We can design, supply, install and maintain all types of home burglar alarm systems in Warrington homes and enterprises using the very latest technology.
Our burglar alarms are fitted and maintained by NSI accredited experts to ensure complete confidence in the safety of your home and family.
And we offer a  24-hour emergency call-out service for Warrington  burglar alarm systems, even those security systems installed by other firms.
For free advice on protecting your home or business against intruders contact Crown Securities on our Freephone number 0800 0191131.

*Warrington has the lowest crime rate of any major town in Cheshire with 67 crimes per 1,000 residents. This compares to an overall Cheshire crime rate of 72 per 1,000. Get more details of  burglary rates in Warrington  here.

Smart alarms for Warrington

We install and configure the latest high-tech smart alarms systems for homes, offices and businesses throughout Warrington and the surrounding area.
Our intelligent systems offer custom alarm network solutions operated from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk computer.
With a wide range of flexible options, our smart security systems can be configured to meet your full security needs and protect your property against intruders day and night.
A single, easy-to-use app can put you in complete control of your security and protect your property. We can carry out a full assessment of your home, office or business to help you decide on the best products and services to meet your needs.
Security solutions can include CCTV installations, automated lighting, hazard detectors or video surveillance.
Our security vetted staff will help you decide on the best positions for sensors and cameras and provide regular maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your Warrington security system is working at its optimum level at all times.
Enhanced smart security installations give our Warrington customers complete peace of mind thanks to intelligent, automated cloud and smartphone services. Customers can receive immediate alerts on their mobile devices and they stay in control in real-time.

Crime prevention in Warrington

The Warrington area still suffers from attacks on both residential and commercial property. This is despite the falling crime figures falling nationally for incidents of burglary and criminal damage to private homes and business premises.
According to latest figures homes and businesses in Warrington Borough are hit by burglaries every day.

The hidden costs of burglary

Of course, overall statistics won't help you to understand why it is your Warrington home or business that has been singled out by burglars.
And it's not just the loss of valuables to consider if you have been targetted by criminals. There is the added headache of replacing damaged doors and windows, getting the broken locks fixed and cleaning up any mess that intruders may have left behind.
It is well understood that the invasion of privacy can result in significant personal trauma for many victims of burglaries. People may no longer feel safe in their homes following a break-in.
Firms face the added burden of staff perhaps having lost personal effects from offices and workshops as well as the massive disruption a break-in can cause to the business, potential loss of orders or late deliveries of goods.

Helpful advice on security matters

According to PoliceUK, homes and companies without some form of a security system installed can expect to be five times more likely to be targeted by burglars as a result.
PoliceUK advises everyone to take all necessary steps to protect their homes, family and belongings and lists some basic home security measures such as:

  • Locking your doors and windows whenever you leave the property empty.
  • Keeping your keys safely out of sight of windows and door letterboxes.
  • Installing and maintaining a good burglar alarm to discourage criminals.

More security tips for the home

Cheshire East Council's crime prevention unit has similar advice to help deter thieves, and top tips include:

  • Keeping sheds and garages locked at all times.
  • Fitting burglar alarms to deter criminals.
  • Fixing security lights outside the premises.

Smart security systems for Cheshire & Greater Manchester

We install and maintain security systems across the Warrington area, including Altrincham, Stockport, Ellesmere Port, Northwich, Wilmslow and Manchester.


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