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Routine maintenance of your burglar alarm installation is vital to ensure that the security system is in good order when you need it most.

Regular servicing may seem an unnecessary expense, but experience shows that those who overlook annual intruder alarm servicing learn costly lessons when it is too late.

We highly recommend regular checks on your burglar alarm system by a qualified engineer to ensure your home or business is secure from intruders at all times.

There are many good reasons to keep security devices and alarm system in good working order all year round.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a break-in at your home or business, you will feel even worse when you discover that your alarm system had failed to work.

Victims can not only suffer material loss or find valuables missing or trashed but also feel unsafe and insecure for months, sometimes years, following a break-in.

There is little point in paying for a burglar alarm installation only to have it fail at a critical moment merely for want of a bit of care and attention.

Validating property insurance

Many property insurance policies that cover theft and break-in will insist on a properly maintained security alarm system.

An alarm that fails to activate due to inadequate or irregular maintenance could invalidate the policy and used by the provider to reject any claims for loss of valuables or damage to the property.

Regular inspection and maintenance by a qualified engineer are more likely to ensure that any insurance claim in the wake of a break-in will be honoured in full.

Meeting health and safety requirements.

Most business premises, retail and commercial, are required to meet fire and safety regulations. Compliance can be compromised by failing to maintain security systems.

If a fire were to break out and the alarm bells failed to ring, or emergency alarm button failed to activate the consequences could be very serious.

Employers have a duty to keep staff safe in the workplace. The cost of health and safety investigations following a fire or break-in can be significant. The risk of high pay-outs for safety inspections can be minimised by regular maintenance checks on equipment.

Being a good neighbour

We have all been annoyed by alarms going off in the middle of the night or while owners are away and unable to switch them off.

False alarms can happen for a number of reasons such as power surges and lousy weather, but there is no need to add poor servicing to that list.

Routine maintenance will not only reduce the incidence of false alarms but also ensure you do not have to pay a hefty bill for broken alarm call-outs at unsocial hours.

Crown Securities and security alarms

No matter which security systems you use, regular maintenance by a professionally qualified engineer is necessary to keep systems in proper working order.

Crown Securities offers dedicated services aimed at keeping alarm systems, CCTV cameras, security gates, automatic barriers and door entry systems in top condition, preventing breakdown and ensuring long-term reliability.

Our engineers can provide six-monthly or annual system checks, ensuring devices are in proper working order and advice on fault diagnosis and recommended repairs.

The service covers all types of burglar alarm systems, both wired and wireless, CCTV surveillance cameras, remote monitoring systems, access control and door security devices, emergency exit controls, security barriers, gates and more.

We can provide a maintenance record of all checks, and our maintenance contracts cover systems installed by other burglar alarm companies.

Crown Securities also operates a 24-7 emergency callout for broken alarms or security systems, including those installed by other firms. Our emergency call-out vehicles are on standby 24 hours-a-day to deal with faulty burglar alarms throughout the North West, West Midlands and North Wales.

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